Mission & Vision

ConnectSmart’s vision is to make Houston more connected and less congested.

ConnectSmart’s mission is to enhance the mobility and reliability of the Houston metropolitan area transportation system by leveraging advanced technology, personalization, system goals, and institutional readiness to overcome barriers inhibiting travelers from discovering and selecting available and emerging sustainable transportation options.


Expected Outcomes

ConnectSmart aims to establish a model methodology and technology deployment site that enhances the safety, reliability, and efficiency of Houston’s regional transportation system by informing regional travelers of traffic conditions, travel modes, and alternative routes for their trip, in an overall effort to reduce congestion and enhance quality of life and economic vitality. Under ConnectSmart, innovative strategies will help manage the greater Houston region’s growing traffic demand and its variabilities while optimizing available capacity and influencing traveler behavior in real time to achieve operational objectives.

Through the deployment of the ConnectSmart Program, TxDOT Houston expects the following outcomes.

• Leverage enhanced data and analytics to augment regional transportation agencies’ Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) strategies, including proactively managing and influencing traffic network/conditions and increasing capacity through operational efficiency.

• Provide the region with a Mobility-as-a-Service ecosystem/platform, connecting existing services through an inter-/multi-modal trip planner with mobile payment capabilities for a seamless complete trip experience.


• Pair advanced technology with behavioral economics to encourage the use of sustainable mobility options, improving commutes and reducing the use of single-occupant vehicle’s (SOVs) while balancing corridor utilization and system capacities.

• Develop a mobile trip planning application that proactively provides users with contextually relevant multimodal mobility options, emphasizing those that provide congestion relief to the bustling Houston region.

• Provide support for a smarter, optimized, and safer transportation network region-wide through the integration of data flows and strategies and alignment of TSMO and Active Demand Management programs under one central platform.

• Improve air quality in the nonattainment Houston-Galveston-Brazoria (HGB) region related to vehicle emissions from delays, a critical priority for Houston regional transportation agencies and the region.

• Engage Houston’s large employers and employee bases to improve workplace commutes in highly congested areas and increase employee accessibility to economic opportunities through enhanced access to a wide range of mobility options (e.g., employer-based carpooling).

• Increase the efficiency of goods movement through proactive congestion management in the region for the continued support and advancement of Houston’s economic competitiveness and productivity.

• Strengthen collaborative working partnerships among Houston regional transportation agencies through ConnectSmart’s products and shared big-data analytics.

• Increase real-time and predictive traveler information (i.e., travel times, delay, reliability, speeds, etc.) for both recurrent and non-recurrent traffic conditions.

• Optimize special event traffic management through the push of real-time data (e.g., parking locations/capacities, work zones, incident/flooding locations) to reduce related congestion and safety concerns (e.g., distracted driving in pedestrian/cyclist-heavy areas).