Empower your staff with a better commute to work

In addition to reducing regional traffic congestion, ConnectSmart helps your employees get to work safely, efficiently, and on time. By leveraging behavioral economics and artificial intelligence, the app improves employee commutes by introducing new transportation options that can help increase an employee's choices for getting to and from the office while reducing their time spent in traffic and behind the wheel.

With ConnectSmart you can keep your employees safe, informed, and up-to-date through customized pop-up messages prior to leaving home. And, as an employer partner you’ll have access to a customized dashboard so you can monitor program success as employees adopt alternative travel modes like carpooling, vanpooling, bike sharing, and transit. There are even teleworking features that assist you in managing your work-from-home program.

Company Carpooling Groups

Private shared ride network

Combine the convenience of app-based carpooling with the comfort and security of sharing a ride with people your employees know and trust.

Dynamic Vanpooling

Optimization & Management Tools

Identify opportunities for your staff to form vanpools (including ideal passengers, pickup time, and route) through our automated system and partnership with the METRO Star vanpool program.


Employer Mobility Suite

ConnectSmart’s robust Employer Mobility Suite increases an employee’s transportation options to and from the office while reducing the time they waste in traffic. Employers in turn benefit from a less-stressed workforce, reduced on-site traffic and parking requirements, and demonstrable improvements to their corporate sustainability initiatives.

Telework Feature

Management & Analytics

Employees can log and record work days from home in one convenient feature. A custom employer dashboard provides powerful program management tools.

E-Bike Program

Availability, Payment &


Your staff can find nearby bikesharing options and even navigate on bike for employee commutes to work.


Program Management & Analytics

Monitor program successes as employees adopt alternative modes, teleworking, and more in real time through a customized dashboard.

  • Monitor alternative mode utilization and commuting behavior change

  • Filter data and statistics by date, mode type, and more

  • Appreciate your company’s environmental efforts and reduction of greenhouse gasses as well as benefits to staff through detailed analytics


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