Mobility as a Service & Tool

While the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) approach to transportation has gained traction and streamlined the act of planning, reserving, and paying for a diverse array of alternative transportation options abroad, it is still in its infancy here in the United States where single-occupant vehicles continue to fill the roadways.

ConnectSmart seeks to not only introduce the MaaS platform to the greater Houston area, but expand its offerings to travelers and increase its effectiveness on regional traffic congestion and transportation system management. Through this enhanced Mobility-as-a-Service & Tool (MaaS&T) platform, ConnectSmart introduces a behavior engine to actively engage travelers with personally tailored mobility options and suggestions to improve their upcoming trips. By incorporating the element of system performance, MaaS&T further elevates traditional travel demand management (TDM) to a more effective active demand management approach and provides agencies with an expanded set of strategies to consider alongside operational strategies.


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ConnectSmart’s innovative strategies will help manage the greater Houston region’s growing traffic demand and its variabilities while optimizing available capacity and influencing traveler behavior in real-time to achieve operational objectives.

The perceived inconvenience of using alternative modes of transportation has kept many travelers firmly buckled in the driver’s seat of their vehicle. In general, simply making services like buses and light rail available to the public is insufficient to convince some drivers to change modes. For this reason, ConnectSmart is focused on proactively altering travel behavior. Today’s successful Active Demand Management strategies should reflect a traveler’s needs, address performance-driven objectives, and follow a technology-forward approach. First/last-mile services, personalized travel suggestions, incentives, and localized alerts have made it possible to provide targeted, actionable information to influence behavior that was not available even a few years ago. As such, the ConnectSmart program is the next logical step in expanding ADM pertinent deployment strategies in the region.