Six Pillars Supporting One Goal

ConnectSmart's foundational element is a Mobility-as-a-Service ecosystem aimed towards increasing the use of sustainable mobility options. Travelers receive real-time route, navigation, and mobility option availability, as well as the cost of their available alternatives. Users can plan trips more efficiently and make payments for various modes of travel for a trip.

ConnectSmart engages travelers with available mobility options to achieve desired behavior changes. The app supports TxDOT Houston's Active Demand Management strategies and Transportation Systems Management and Operations goals.

ConnectSmart Pillars

Behavior Change

ConnectSmart makes an array of contextually relevant mobility options passively available to travelers. Although that information is powerful and compelling to some travelers, the presentation of the mobility options alone may not be compelling enough to change their behavior immediately—or at all. As such, additional engagement through appropriate means such as gamification may be required to trigger desired behavior changes. Furthermore, there is an increase in the likelihood for a traveler to try a travel suggestion if the mobility options are personalized which can be made possible through user-acquired data such as observed travel behaviors, information captured from surveys, or inferred activity type from destinations and time of day. Personalization also allows TxDOT to further motivate users by building targeted campaigns and improving overall customer experience.