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Celebrate Earth Month by Carpooling & Earn Rewards!

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd, but we hope you’ll join us in supporting environmental protection and greener lifestyles throughout all of Earth Month. In thanks for your participation, we’re rewarding you for some of the easy actions you can take to contribute to improving our air quality in the Greater Houston Area!

For the entire month of April, you'll earn free gift cards and METRO tickets just for carpooling with a friend, family, or coworker! That’s right, simply use ConnectSmart’s Instant Carpooling feature to show that you’ve shared a ride and you'll earn up to $3 in rewards per trip! Carpooling is one of the easiest ways to reduce the harmful emissions of driving (not to mention traffic congestion). Throughout April, the more you carpool, the more rewards you'll earn.

Here’s how it works:

First, download the Houston ConnectSmart app for your Android or iPhone and create an account. The next time you are sharing a ride somewhere, have everyone in the car open the ConnectSmart app on their phones and follow the instructions below.

To use the Instant Carpool feature, everyone in the carpool will need to tap the Carpool button at the bottom of the landing page, then tap Instant Carpool.

Drivers, enter your origin and destination, then present the QR code to your carpool passengers to scan with their ConnectSmart app to confirm they’re aboard.

Riders, simply scan your driver’s QR code. Buckle up--you’re ready to roll!

Each day after completing an Instant Carpool, both drivers and passengers alike will earn up to $3 in reward Coins per trip. So fill up those seats and fatten your wallet!

Here are some more details on the giveaway:

  • Drivers and passengers will each earn reward Coins for participating in an Instant Carpool

  • You can earn up to $3 in Coins for each Instant Carpool you take, up to two Instant Carpools per day throughout April

  • You can spend those Coins on METRO transit tickets or gift cards through the ConnectSmart wallet

  • We’ll notify you of how many Coins you've earned through a ConnectSmart alert. Be sure that you allow notifications so you’ll get our message!

  • Carpooling trips must be a minimum distance of 2 miles to qualify

Thanks for doing your part to make this Earth Month count by reducing your carbon footprint!


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