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Get a Ticket to Ride

If you want to go by transit, we make it easy with our Wallet and Tokens.

ConnectSmart’s in-app Wallet lets you conveniently buy METRO transit tickets, including METRObus and METROrail, and manage your rewards. Our Wallet is like the one you have now on your phone — you might hold airplane tickets, credit cards, and insurance cards.

Our Wallet lets you pay for METRObus or METROrail all in one place. Not only that, but you can reserve your trip in advance. Then, ConnectSmart will alert you when it’s time for your trip.

Here’s how you can use Tokens to purchase transit tickets in the Wallet:

  1. Open ConnectSmart and go to your Wallet.

  2. Tap “METRO Tickets,” “Buy Tickets,” select your desired METRO Tickets, and “Add to Cart.”

  3. Once the ticket is in your cart, you can “Checkout."

  4. Select Tokens as your preferred payment method at the bottom of the screen.

  5. You can store the ticket in ConnectSmart’s Wallet until it is activated and ready for use.

All aboard!


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