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Seamless & Secure: Unlocking Your App With Face & Touch Id

Special announcement! We’re excited to report that ConnectSmart users now have the convenience of using Touch or Face ID to log into the ConnectSmart app! This capability is available to those who’ve registered with the standard email and password option. Once you login with those credentials, the app will prompt you to set up Touch or Face ID if desired. It’s as simple as that!

Note that each phone will have different capabilities, with most newer models of iPhones supporting Face ID, but some older models still using Touch ID. With Android, phones may offer both Face ID and Touch ID, allowing you to choose your preferred authentication method, so it all depends what platform you use AND what model your phone is.

Instructions for Face ID and Touch ID

The ConnectSmart team hopes this convenient and secure addition makes it even easier to use your favorite transportation app, ConnectSmart, as you travel around town.

Stay tuned as we continue to work on more updates to further improve your app experience!


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