Advancing Vanpooling Through Innovation

For several decades, vanpooling has proven to be a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation; but the potential for this mode has never been higher than now in the wake of COVID-19. In a recent transportation survey conducted by the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC), employers revealed that vanpooling was the preferred alternative transportation mode for commutes in 2021, trailing only behind driving alone.

With the current climate, the high appeal of commuting with a small number of individuals has served as a catalyst for ConnectSmart’s innovative vanpool platform.

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Real-Time Updates

No more wondering

Drivers and passengers are kept in sync through our vanpool app. Receive real-time alerts as your driver approaches your pickup spot.

One Tap Check-In

No more manual logs

Logging your vanpool rides has never been easier. Drivers and passengers can log their participation with a tap–say goodbye to paperwork!


Vanpool Suite Features

The longstanding benefits of vanpooling–affordable commuting, use of the HOV/HOT lanes, not having to drive–are now enhanced by having a more hands-on solution that simplifies the vanpooling experience. From stakeholder feedback, ConnectSmart’s Vanpool Suite improves the experience by simplifying the users’ reporting requirements and communication among a vanpool group.

Working in tandem with these key stakeholders, ConnectSmart has brought the vanpooling experience into the 21st century.

Clear Communication

No more missed connections

No more random group texts, phone calls, and emails. Easily chat with members of your vanpool group to let them know your status.


Program Management & Analytics

Managing a vanpool has never been easier. Every facet of your program, from group formation to ongoing management, is streamlined and optimized through ConnectSmart.

Vanpool Dashboard.png
  • Identify potential participants and routes using system-generated vanpools

  • Track ongoing ridership and participation without the need for manual trip logs or data entry

  • Monitor real-time vanpool activity and location

  • Optimize efficiency and maximize occupancy through dynamic seat-filling

  • Generate reports without manual data input through automated real-time data capture


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