Making the Houston region less congested and more connected

ConnectSmart, a federally- and state-supported program, is launching a new smartphone app to reduce regional traffic congestion and help you improve your daily travel. By leveraging behavioral economics and artificial intelligence, the app can provide tailored, personalized suggestions to improve your trips and help you make more sustainable behavior changing techniques and transportation choices.

In addition to helping reduce traffic congestion, the program will help reduce the harmful air emissions throughout the eight-county region composed of Harris, Montgomery, Liberty, Chambers, Galveston, Brazoria, Fort Bend and Waller counties and anchored by the City of Houston.


Powerful Tools at Your Fingertips

​ConnectSmart gives you access to all of these powerful tools and more:

  • Find better routes and travel times to avoid traffic

  • Receive door-to-door trip navigation for multiple regional modes of travel

  • Find and receive useful information on traffic, e.g. alternate routes, departure times, and incidents

  • Plan transit trips and purchase and redeem transit tickets right in the app

  • Form public and private carpool groups to share rides with people you know and trust

  • Find and navigate to available parking spots as you approach your destination


Community Resources

The ConnectSmart program is made possible through the combined efforts of many regional stakeholders and contributors. In turn, ConnectSmart is able to provide additional data and resources that can be further leveraged for the benefit of the community. Learn more about these contributors and resources below!

What is the ConnectSmart Talents program?

ConnectSmart Talents taps into the region's rapidly growing innovation scene and allows the brightest minds from local universities to test and advance their research on urban mobility solutions.

How do Talents students participate in the program?

The ConnectSmart team has created a sandbox testing environment where Talents participants can test how their mobility solutions would perform in a real-world scenario. Proven concepts will advance toward potential deployment through the ConnectSmart program.

The ConnectSmart team will also hold hackathons.

Who may participate in the Talents program?

Participants in the program will be drawn from the region's rich pools of technology, engineering, and academia. The Talents program allows the community's brightest minds to collaborate and contribute based on their individual areas of expertise.

How can I learn more about the Talents program?

If you'd like to learn more about the Talents program or find out how you and your university can get involved, contact us using the "Contact Us" box below and someone from the program will be in touch soon!


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