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One App for Every Way You Travel

Your very own mobility system – all in one app.

Customized to your personal schedule, your habits, and your preferences.

Get personalized recommendations so you can get where you want to go more efficiently and affordably.

Plan Your Trip Any Way You Want It

Whether you’re going to work, running errands, or taking a leisurely bike ride, ConnectSmart gets you there faster and cheaper – all while you enjoy the ride.

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Take different types of transportation in one trip - car, bus, bike

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All travel modes: driving, carpooling, transit, walking, biking, and trucking.

Park & Ride: Use walking, driving, own bike, and shared bikes to connect to/from transit stations.

Explore more ways to get from A to B.

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Real-time traffic information gets you there efficiently

Color-coded highway congestion map in real-time.

Crash and work zone icons on the map.

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Direct connection to TranStar cameras and dynamic message signs in real-time.

Toll road option provides travel time, distance, and cost.

Turn-by-turn navigation in driving, biking, walking, and trucking modes.

Transit mode shows detailed transfer instructions.

Trucking routes display bridge clearance information.

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Better route and door-to-door navigation for any type of travel

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Plan your trip and select the desired route. 

Purchase various types of transit tickets in the app’s Wallet.

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Plan transit routes, purchase and use METRO transit tickets

Activate METRO ticket and show to bus driver. Each ticket is good for unlimited transfers within three hours of activation. 

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Post your carpool trip as a driver or passenger and get matched with others.

Drivers can receive payment for trips. 

Passengers enjoy trip protection and get a ride home if driver cancels.

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Create your own carpool or join your employer’s private carpool

Users can join a carpool going their route, scan driver QR codes, and win prizes as part of a campaign.

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Easily find BCycle locations and available BCylces. 

When feasible, BCycle is recommended as the first/last-mile mode for transit. 

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Locate available bike shares

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Easy to find open garage and street parking.

Upon arriving at destination in driving mode, adjacent parking lots are shown to quickly find a parking space.

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Find open parking

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Use Tow and Go on selected Houston freeways for assistance with flat tire or mechanical problems.

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Get a no-cost Tow and Go

With a simple tap and answers to a few questions, Tow and Go learns your exact location to offer help quickly.

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Plan and reserve all your trips in the app.

Get advanced notice and alerts when it’s time to leave.

Be advised how long each trip will take.

Communicate with the driver or passengers in a carpool.

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Use ConnectSmart as your Daily Planner

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All the Places You Want to Go

ConnectSmart is the only navigation app powered by live data from local – Houston – transportation authorities. Who knows Houston roads better than people in Houston! 

ConnectSmart gives you the most accurate traffic information available. It tells you the best time to start your trip and the best transportation option to use.

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Why Use ConnectSmart?
Because you get navigation you can depend on.
  • Combine transportation modes – vehicle, transit & bike – for a complete door-to-door experience

  • Get real-time parking space information – so you don’t waste time looking for a parking spot

  • Convenience - better routes to get where you want to go

  • Tow and Go – no-cost emergency roadside service on select corridors, just in case you have trouble on the road

Carpool Your Way

ConnectSmart’s Carpool feature gives you the option to create your very own private carpool. You can invite your friends or neighbors – or if your company is a partner, join with your co-workers. 

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  • Create your own private carpool with friends, coworkers & neighbors

  • Join your company’s private carpool. If your company isn't a partner yet but they'd like to become one, send an email to: 

  • Share rides with people you know & trust

  • Search existing carpool groups to find people with similar interests

It’s easy to set up. Plus, it’s convenient & safe
  • Only people you designate can be part of your carpool

  • Driver & riders can contact each other through the app

  • Estimated pick-up and drop-off times are shown in the app

Save money on gas
  • Easy, in-app option for passengers to chip-in for the ride

  • You can earn rewards like gift cards just for sharing a ride through the Carpool feature

Enjoy your ride
  • Riding with your friends or neighbors reduces the stress of commuting

Get where you want to go quicker
  • With more people in the car, you can use the HOV lane and pass all the other cars stuck in traffic

Transit Made Easy

Whether you’re a regular transit rider or only take it occasionally, from trip planning to payment, ConnectSmart makes taking the METRO Bus or METRORail a smooth experience.

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  • Buy, use, and store tickets right in the ConnectSmart app.

  • Find the best transit mode to get you where you want to go – bus and light rail.

  • Get the ideal transit routes and travel times that work for you.

  • Receive door-to-door navigation for your transit trip mode-by-mode.

  • Schedule a trip and get a reminder when to leave.

  • Use multiple modes of transportation, such as driving and transit, all available in the app.

Securely Buy & Use Transit Tickets

ConnectSmart allows you to securely purchase METRO bus and light rail tickets right from your app. You can safely pay for your tickets with a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Tickets are stored digitally in the wallet, so you can redeem them by simply showing your phone to the driver when boarding.

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Clean Air & More

Use transit and improve Houston’s air quality, reduce congestion on the roads, and improve daily travel throughout the region.

Hop on a Bike Share or Ride Your Own Bike

ConnectSmart helps you get the most out of cycling.

illustration - Bikeshare
  • Find the best bike route or path to get where you want to go.

  • It’s your choice: choose between a faster route or a more bicycle-friendly route focused on comfort

Find a Bike Share with ConnectSmart

ConnectSmart takes the frustration out of using a BCycle

icon - location

See exactly where BCycle racks are AND how many bikes are available.

icon - Direction

Use the app for safest and quickest bike routes.

icon - ride bike

When you want to return a BCycle, the app shows you exactly how many slots are open at each station.

ConnectSmart works seamlessly with all modes of transport -- whether you want to combine a bike ride with transit or bike all the way to your destination. 

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