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Today’s Hybrid Office Calls for New Solutions

ConnectSmart’s Employer Commute Suite

With the advent of hybrid work models, employers want to meet their employees where they are. Whether it’s working from home, coming into the office or a combination, ConnectSmart’s Employer Commute Suite offers solutions to keep your staff connected and Houston less congested.

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ConnectSmart is more than an app.

It’s a total mobility system that your employees and human resource teams can depend on every day.
What is Employer Commute Suite?

The ways your employees get from here to there is just as diverse as your workforce. Join Employer Commute Suite to make it easier for your employees to get to work.

Employer Commute Suite does just that. 

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Employer-Sponsored Carpools

Set up carpool groups that are exclusive for your employees.

Employer-only features

Early access to new Commute Suite Programs as they roll out.

Employer sponsored campaigns

Promote travel benefits to encourage greener choices.

Dashboard reporting

No more self-reporting of commutes. ConnectSmart app records your employee’s commute trips and reports them as aggregated data.

Recognition as a Employer Partner in marketing materials and local events

Your organization will be included on our partner page and social media and press-related shout outs.

Become an Employer Commute Suite Partner
What’s in it for you?
Specialized Support

When you become a Partner, you’ll receive ongoing specialized support, plus a comprehensive commuter program.

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Metrics That Matter to You

Based on metrics you define, we’ll customize a dashboard specifically made for your organization. You’ll be able to easily monitor and report progress towards your commuting and sustainability goals.

Employee Engagement Kit

We help you bring your employees on board and promote your commuter program. We’ll host introductory onsite events, and you’ll receive an Employee Engagement Kit with collateral materials in various formats – newsletter articles, email templates, flyers, and videos.

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Contact ConnectSmart to schedule a demo and learn how to become a Partner.

Working from home? 

Employees can log it into the dashboard.

Heading into the office?

Employees can ride with coworkers through employer-sponsored carpools.

Want to track your company’s carbon footprint for the month? 

It’s on your dashboard.

What is ConnectSmart Carpool?

Employees can ride with coworkers through employer-sponsored carpools -- all managed by the ConnectSmart app.

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  • Through the app, employees create or join company-specific, private carpool groups

How does Carpool work?
  • Only employees at your company can create or join a company-sponsored carpool group 

  • Drivers can provide rides for free or request a small Chip-in from their passengers in the app

Benefits to Your Employees
Save money on gas

Drivers have the option to request a small per-mile Chip-in from their passenger to cover gas, tolls, etc

Get to work quicker

Use the HOV lane and bypass all the other cars stuck in traffic

Real-time parking space information

No time wasted looking for a parking spot

No longer have to drive alone

Our national survey identified “riding with someone” as an advantage of carpooling


Estimated pickup and drop off times and driver-rider communication all in the app

Trip protection

Get a guaranteed ride home via taxi, rideshare, or transit if the driver cancels


Emergency SOS feature


Incentivize your employees to use the app through unique campaigns. Reward them with Coins to make in-app purchases including transit tickets and gift cards

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