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The new way of working deserves innovative commuting solutions.

As an employer, you want to meet your employees where they are.  Whether it’s working from home, coming into the office or a combination of the two, ConnectSmart’s Employer Commute Suite helps your organization reduce their environmental impact, increase sustainability, and establish stronger relationships amongst your employees.

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ConnectSmart is more than just an app.

It’s a total mobility system designed to support your bottom line, help the environment, and reduce stress for your employees.

What is the Employer Commute Suite?

We know that the ways your employees get to and from work are just as diverse as your workforce. Our Employer Commute Suite lets you set up a customized commuting program that meets your corporate culture. It’s easy to use and it comes with all the features you need to create a comprehensive commuting program - including:

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Carpool Groups

Set up a carpool group exclusively for your employees.  A carpool group that allows your employees to find rides to work with fellow employees based on the areas where they live.

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Climate Friendly Campaigns

Promote travel benefits to encourage greener choices by encouraging employees to carpool, take transit or work from home.

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Management Dashboard

A dedicated dashboard where you can easily track and access all your organization’s commuting data in one place. ConnectSmart tracks miles traveled during commutes and miles saved from telework.

Become an Employer Commute Suite Partner
What’s in it for you?
Work Space
Recognition as an Employer Partner

Your organization will be included on our partner page, in social media, press-releases and environmental affiliate programming.

Dedicated Support

Ongoing specialized support from our team experts to help your company set up and execute your commute program including technical support and training.

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Metrics that Matter to You

Customized reporting metrics that allow you to track how well your commute program is working for your organization and your employees. No need for any additional software or systems, all the information can be accessed through your management dashboard.

Employee Engagement Kit

We know that you have a lot on your plate, and we want to help your commuting program succeed.  We provide you with everything you need to get your employees engaged and to promote your commute program from marketing materials to employee training.

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Contact ConnectSmart to schedule a demo and learn more about becoming a Partner.

How’s it work?
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Working from home?

Employees can log time not traveled

Heading into the office?

Employees can ride to work with coworkers as part of a carpool group

Want to track your organization’s carbon footprint for the month?

It’s on your dashboard

ConnectSmart Carpool Benefits

Our carpool feature was designed to make it easier for you and your employees to commute together. By using our app, your employees can find rides to work with fellow employees within your organization.  Plus, drivers have the power to provide rides for free or request a small chip-in from their passengers.

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Bonus Features for Your Employees that Use Carpool
Save money on gas

Carpool drivers have the option to request a small per-mile chip-in from their passengers to cover gas, tolls, etc.

Get to work quicker

Use the HOV lane and bypass all the traffic.

Real-time parking space information

No time wasted looking for a parking spot.

Emotional well-being

Our national survey identified “riding with someone” as an advantage of carpooling.


Estimated pickup and drop off times and driver-rider communication all in the app.

Trip protection

Get a guaranteed ride home via taxi, rideshare, or transit if the driver cancels.


Emergency SOS features including school zones, flood warnings and Tow & Go.


Earn rewards for using the app and make in-app purchases including transit tickets and gift cards.

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