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Plan and Navigate Confidently: Real-Time Roadway Insights for Smooth Journeys

Whether you drive or take transit, you’re going to love the updates to ConnectSmart’s Trip Planner! While planning your trip, you’ll now see live detailed alerts on roadway incidents, construction, flooding, and service interruptions along your potential routes. If you’ve got a minute, you can learn more below.

Drivers, here’s what’s new!

Now you can tap the incident icons on our Trip Planner to see detailed information on the potential delays and incidents along a particular route when planning your trip. See stalled vehicles, flooded streets, and even learn more about planned construction events with a quick tap. As always, you can select alternative routes to compare the overall travel time and go with the option that makes the most sense for you.

We’ve also added incident alerts to our navigation feature, so you can see accidents and traffic delays down the road as they develop in real-time.

In-app construction zone alerts, Flood zone alerts and Stalled vehicle alerts along a route.

Transit riders, we’ve got you covered too!

Detailed information about transit service interruptions

Tap an orange incident in the Trip Planner to get detailed information about transit service interruptions.

Update you if an upcoming trip is impacted by an incident.

ConnectSmart will update you if an upcoming trip is impacted by an incident. Tap the alert icon to learn more.

By popular demand, we’ve made our transit service alerts more accessible in the ConnectSmart app. Now you’ll know if there are detours or delays on your bus route whether you’re using the Trip Planner or the Transit Time Lookup feature. Tapping the alert icon will provide you with detour or delay details, such as the starting and ending times of the service interruption, and the impacted stops.

Even better, if you pre-schedule a transit trip in the Trip Planner or save a particular route as a favorite in the Transit Time Lookup feature, we’ll notify you in advance if any issues develop along your upcoming route.

We’ve got even more updates coming soon to help you stay in the know before you go--stay tuned!



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