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ConnectSmart’s latest update makes parking at the airport and taking transit a breeze

Whether you’re traveling across town or flying across the country, ConnectSmart’s latest update has features you’ll want to check out!

Few trips are as stressful as the drive to the airport. It’s not just the race against traffic to make it on time--it’s also finding a place to park once you finally get there. If this sounds familiar, you’re going to love the latest update to ConnectSmart’s parking feature! We’ve partnered with the Houston Airport System to deliver real-time airport parking availability, pricing, hours, and more directly into the app.

Before you even load your luggage in the car, search for your airport or terminal within ConnectSmart’s parking feature. Tap the parking icon from the landing page then enter your airport and terminal. From there, tap the parking icons on the map to compare your options--you can even see how many available empty spots are available at each location.

When you’re ready to head out, tap View Route to your favorite lot to see your route and estimated travel time and start your trip!

In a major enhancement to ConnectSmart’s transit features, METRO riders can now buy, activate, and access their digital transit tickets without disrupting their navigation while walking to the bus.

Boarding the bus or light-rail during a trip and ready to present your ticket? All you need to do is swipe up! Reveal your trip’s details at the bottom of the navigation screen and you’ll see your options for the specific ticket needed for your trip.

If you already have an active ticket, tap the Open button to access it and show it to your driver. If you’ve previously purchased the appropriate ticket in the ConnectSmart wallet, you’ll see the Activate button instead. And if you don’t yet have a ticket suitable for your trip, tap the Buy button and we’ll walk you through that simple process. Either way, with a couple of quick taps you’ll be able to access your transit ticket and seamlessly return to your trip in progress.


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