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Here’s how you can get emergency roadside assistance at NO COST!

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of having car trouble, you can request no-cost emergency roadside service (available on eligible roadways, see map below) right from the ConnectSmart app.

Thanks to ConnectSmart’s integration with TranStar’s Tow and Go™ program, with a few quick taps you can share the nature of your car trouble and your exact location to have a tow truck dispatched to your exact location. Once the tow truck arrives, your vehicle will get towed off of the roadway and to a nearby safe location at no cost to you. And if you’ve got a flat tire and a good spare and jack, the tow truck driver will even change your tire for you — also at no cost!

Tow and Go™ Eligible Roadways (Source: Tow and Go™, 2023)

The Gulf Coast Regional Tow and Go™ program is a regional program that provides motorists with no-cost towing when their vehicle breaks down because of lack of gas, overheating or flat tire in the main lanes, shoulders, ramps, or HOV/HOT lanes of freeways in the Tow and Go™ service area (shown in the map figure). The Tow and Go™ program is managed by the H-GAC with funding provided by the FHWA and TxDOT, through TranStar.


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