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How to avoid dangerous roadway floods as Houston’s storm season approaches.

It’s not the first thing people think of when talking about Houston, but the heavy rains from tropical storms and hurricanes in recent years have earned our city the title of America’s flooding capital. Although there’s little we can do to stop a storm, we can avoid putting ourselves at risk by venturing out in these storms unaware--that’s where ConnectSmart’s latest feature comes in.

Our pre-trip flooding alerts warn you of potential flooding along your route before you leave for an upcoming trip. Only ConnectSmart evaluates live local flooding data and sends you an alert if rising waters will affect your upcoming trip. With a quick tap, you’ll be able to see the impacted area and if possible, find an alternate route to your destination. But as a reminder, always practice safe driving--Turn Around Don’t Drown. The app will also notify you when the flooding has receded and your route is safe to travel again. Be sure to sync your digital calendar with ConnectSmart to receive alerts related to your upcoming meetings and appointments.

Want to view flooding risks in your area or throughout the region? Simply tap the map layers

button on the ConnectSmart landing page and turn on Flood Warnings. Now you can scroll and zoom in and out on the map to view when there are flooding hazards in the area.

Stay informed and stay safe -- update to the latest version of ConnectSmart now!


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