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Take Your Trip Hands Free with CarPlay & Android Auto!

Driving on the road

Get ready to hit the road this Memorial Day weekend with a game-changing update from ConnectSmart. 🚗💡 You asked and we delivered! We’re thrilled to roll out a feature you’ve all been eagerly awaiting—ConnectSmart now works on your car's dashboard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto!

As you gear up for your holiday adventures, ConnectSmart wants your journey to be not only fun but also safe. With our latest update, you’re contributing to TxDOT’s mission to reduce distractions and accidents. Let’s help all travelers on the road return home safely!

Starting your road trip has never been easier. Simply connect your phone with a USB cord, launch the ConnectSmart app, enter your destination, and voilà—your car’s screen transforms into a smart navigation hub. With voice commands or steering wheel controls, depending on your ride, you’re all set for a hands-free, safe, and focused driving experience.

The ConnectSmart app’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto feature is like having a co-pilot who knows exactly where you need to go. Navigate with ease, enjoy your favorite tunes, and stay connected without ever lifting a finger off the wheel.

Navigation Screenshot
Navigation Screenshot

So, what are you waiting for? Download the ConnectSmart app on Google Play or the Apple Store today. As you head to the beach, the park, or wherever you’re enjoying this long weekend, you can not only be safe and navigate through traffic smoother, but also embrace the ease of smart connectivity, making this road trip your best one yet! 🌟

Safe travels and Happy Memorial Day from all of us at ConnectSmart!


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