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What’s New? Parking Meter Details, Pre-Trip Traffic Alerts, and Live Bus Arrival Times!

Does this sound familiar? You grab your keys and fire up your trusty navigation app only to find that an accident or construction along your route will have you arriving later than planned. If so, you’re going to love these new updates to ConnectSmart version 1.98. Whether you’re behind the wheel or catching a ride on transit, these new features will help you make it to your destination on time and avoid unnecessary delays!

Drivers, we’ll notify you of trouble along your route before you go

ConnectSmart’s mission is to make getting around the Greater Houston Area easier for YOU, and this feature is tailored to keep you on schedule. If there are any events that could cause delays for an upcoming routine trip of yours, ConnectSmart will immediately send you an push notification with the location and cause of the expected delay, giving you time to consider alternative routes, alternative modes, or simply leave a little earlier to stay on time. If the incident clears before you go, we’ll let you know that as well!

Parking has never been this easy

Tired of circling the block looking for an available parking spot? Our latest update is the closest you can get to having your own personal valet. In addition to finding available garage parking near your destination, you can now see detailed on-street parking information at your fingertips. Real-time meter availability lets you easily find open spots right on the street. Even better, tap the meter icon on the map to find out if parking is currently free or paid as well as any other restrictions that may be active at the time.

Transit riders, see when your bus will arrive at your bus stop

ConnectSmart users have been able to lookup scheduled arrival times for METRO buses and light rails for a while, but this update makes the feature more useful than ever. Now you can see real-time bus arrival updates! See if your bus is arriving a little early, late, or right on time before you head to your stop! Search for any bus line or save your regular route as a favorite to make getting updates even faster.

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