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Houston warns of major traffic over Spring Break--here's how to avoid it!

In an article from the Houston Chronicle, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner sounded the alarm for those planning Spring Break activities around town:

"We want everyone to enjoy a great spring break, but we do need your help," Turner emphasized. "To create a more pleasurable travel experience to these great spring break Houston destinations, and to your medical appointments, we want you to remember a few things..."

One of those things, according to Mayor Turner, is to be prepared for parking problems surrounding highly trafficked areas like the Texas Medical Center, home to popular destinations like the Zoo, the Museum District, and the Rodeo. Fortunately, ConnectSmart's unique parking feature has you covered:

Whether you're looking for a parking lot or a meter on the street, ConnectSmart can help you find the perfect spot in just a few taps.

Thanks to our unique partnership with the City of Houston, only ConnectSmart can give you real-time updates on parking lot and street parking availability along with hourly rates, hours of operation, and more. Once you've found the right spot, the app will give turn-by-turn navigation along the ideal route.

Another key factor in avoiding the sharp rise in traffic next week will be using alternative modes of travel:

"Officials also urged Houston spring breakers to use the Houston METRO as much as possible."

The good news for ConnectSmart users is that the app can help you find the best bus or light rail line to help you reach your destination.

There you go, Houston! These are two great ways to avoid traffic and get the most out of your Spring Break, but we've got plenty more. Download ConnectSmart for your iPhone or Android and find out for yourself!


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