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Plan Your Bike Trips in ConnectSmart this Biketober!


Hey riders, did you know the ConnectSmart app can help you plan your rides as you cycle throughout the Greater Houston region?

ConnectSmart is unlike any other mobility app with cycling features you haven’t seen elsewhere. Only ConnectSmart’s biking routes prioritize Houston’s High Comfort Bike Lanes. As you plan your bike trip, ConnectSmart ranks bike routes on a scale between one and ten based on how bike friendly they are. The higher the “Comfort Score”, the more separation and protection you’ll have from vehicles on the road throughout your trip.

As a reminder, the region is hosting its Biketober Challenge throughout the month of October. You can use ConnectSmart to plan your trip and navigate along a bike route that suits your individual needs, then log in to Love to Ride’s iOS app to record your ride for the challenge!


Don’t have a bike of your own but still want to take the challenge? ConnectSmart integrates with BCycle so you can find a bikeshare rental station and see what’s available in real time! Our app even allows you to combine different modes, like biking to catch the light rail.

With ConnectSmart, nothing can stop you from hopping on a bike and embarking on your next adventure now. Be safe out there!

Download the ConnectSmart app on Google Play or the Apple Store today and enjoy your ride!


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