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Score a $5 gift card for carpooling to Beyonce!

The Queen Bee is performing at NRG this weekend, and Houston traffic will be joining her in the spotlight. In an effort to reduce congestion around the stadium, ConnectSmart is encouraging everyone to carpool to the concert--in fact, we’ll even give you a $5 gift card just for sharing a ride!

The ConnectSmart app’s Instant Carpool feature let’s you get credit for taking a pre-arranged carpool (like grabbing lunch with a coworker on your break)--just hop in your car, tap a few buttons, and you’re on your way. The app verifies that you carpooled so you can see those extra savings statistics add up as well as earn rewards!

Whether you’re carpooling to the concert or anywhere else in town, you’ll earn $5 worth of Coins in your ConnectSmart Wallet to spend on digital gift cards or chip-in for additional carpools in the app, if you use the Instant Carpool feature to share a ride at least once between September 22-25.

Here’s how to take an instant carpool:

Drivers, enter your origin and destination, then present the QR code to your carpool passengers to scan with their ConnectSmart app to confirm they’re aboard.

Instant Carpool Instructional Images for Drivers

Riders, simply scan your driver’s QR code. Buckle up--you’re ready to roll!

Instant Carpool Instructional Images for Passengers.

Here are some more details on this offer:

  • Drivers and passengers will each earn 5 reward Coins for completing at least one Instant Carpool between September 22-25

  • Qualifying Instant Carpools can be taken anywhere in the Greater Houston area

  • Your 5 coins will be added to your account within 24 hours of your qualifying Instant Carpool trip

Thanks for doing your part to reduce traffic and your carbon footprint!


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