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Track the Environmental Benefits of Teleworkers with ConnectSmart’s Employer Commute Suite

Trip Log with telework list

Are you interested in a system that can help track your employees' sustainable commutes? The rise of hybrid work schedules provides organizations with a unique opportunity to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, and the ConnectSmart mobile app and Employer Commute Suite supports this effort. 

ConnectSmart’s tailored solution aligns with your employee commuting program. This means your organization will be able to set up a private group for your employees to track their progress in reducing carbon emissions through their commutes by any means of travel, even when they work from home. By joining us as a partner, you will receive access to dashboard reporting of your organization’s cumulative progress in reducing carbon emissions. 

The ConnectSmart Employer Commute Suite enables you to engage with your employees in your organization’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities while supporting tracking of carbon emissions with these features:

  • Capture Telework Benefits: Your employees can record their telework trips similar to other transportation modes recorded

  • Personal Employee Dashboard: Employees can view their personal Trip Log statistics right in the app where they can track their trips, CO2 emissions, monetary savings, and reduced miles associated with working remotely or utilizing other modes of transportation. The Trip Log even provides them with a visual representation of their carbon footprint reduction progress via their blooming tree.

  • Employer Dashboard: As an Employer Partner, organizations have access to their own dashboard designed specifically to help companies monitor their commuter sustainability program’s progress and provide visibility into CO2 emission reductions for your whole team

ConnectSmart’s Employer Commute Suite is a powerful tool for tracking the collective benefit of your entire team's sustainability actions from teleworking to carpooling. This, in turn, will help to define or refine organizational objectives for your future sustainability strategies. 

Schedule an introductory meeting with our dedicated team by reaching out to us at We are looking forward to speaking with you about the many ways ConnectSmart can help your organization support your sustainability goals.


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